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Import-module webadministration

For Windows 7 to 10 you will need to install the feature IIS Management Scripts and tools under Internet Information Services >> Web Management Tools. Note You will need to run the script with administrator rights to be able to load the WebAdministration module with Import-Module or Add-PSSnapin. Gets the physical path to the location of the specified IIS module. Get- WebGlobalModule. Gets the global modules configured in IIS, or information about a  ConvertTo-WebApplication - Examples - New-WebAppPool - New-WebApplication. Hello, I am trying to import-module WebAdministration on Windows Server but it doesn't work. I tried downloading PowerShell Snapin.

Once IIS is installed, we need to import the WebAdministration module to interact with IIS (using Import-Module WebAdministration). Using the Get-Command. Import-Module: The specified module 'webadministration' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory. Import-Module WebAdministration. Set-Location IIS:\ Get-Website. The output should resemble the PowerShell window below. image. You are.

manutention-guadeloupe.comr().Trim() = "webadministration" } if ($hasSnapin -ne $null) { add- pssnapin WebAdministration } else { import-module WebAdministration }. The installed PowerShell WebAdministration module cannot be imported into the PowerShell session. manutention-guadeloupe.comentModel.

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