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Dean Straw, N6BV, shares his notes on Terrain Assessment and what he has learned in more than 10 years of modeling. Date: Apr In the ARRL Antenna Handbook, N6BV describes a process for generating these profile files using a freely downloadable GIS (Geographic Information System). N6BV Propagation Predictions by Dean Straw N6BV. The sunspots are rising finally! That means the upper HF bands are coming alive again after a long period.

Dean was a Senior Assistant Technical Editor for ARRL from to , specializing in antennas, transmission lines and HF propagation. He has been truly. takeoff angles. Still, the N6BV terrain and foot high antenna performed as well , or even better than, a station with a foot high Yagi located. Terrain Assessment for HF. Contesting. Higher isn't necessarily better By Dean Straw, N6BV at Sea-Pac, Friday, June 6, Sunset at N6RO acres.

Dean Straw, N6BV to Speak at September Meeting. Renowned DXer, antenna expert, propagation guru and. ARRL Antenna Book editor to. the venerable Transmission Line Program for Windows (TLW), by Mr. R. Dean Straw (N6BV). The previous version was last released in Why We Stack 'Em! Covering All the Angles. By Dean Straw, N6BV. Senior Assistant Technical Editor, ARRL. YCCC Meeting, Milford, CT. Feb.

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