Quality center connectivity add-in download

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Quality center connectivity add-in

Tester files to HP Quality enter, you must install the Connectivity Add-in on the clients to execute Rational Integration Tester tests from HP Quality Center. To resolve the problem, make sure that the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add- In is installed on your client machine. You can download it from the Add-ins. In order to use HP Quality Center with Worksoft Certify, you need to install the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-On tool to the client machine. This tool.

What is the difference between HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in and Register HP ALM Client As I know, in order to connect to QC with. Hi: I am using HP Quality Center and QTP ver - I've trying to tie the two together but the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in says that. Solved: Hi, I have been working on a silent installer for the QC Connectivity Add- In which whilst tricky I've got working (is this an InstallShield.

To install the HP ALM Connectivity Add-in -. Open your HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and select the Add-Ins Page; Select HP Quality Center. You can also use the ALM Connectivity Add-in to access OTA functionality, Defects and Requirements Exchange with Service Manager / Service Center. The HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in enables you to work with other HP testing tools as well as third-party and custom testing tools. In addition to the HP.

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