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By Vudojind

Smaa injector

SMAA is a very efficient GPU-based MLAA implementation, capable of . Having that running with the injector caused the game to crash immediately on startup. I wasn't satisfied with the antialiasing in the game by default. The FXAA implementation is way too blurry, and the in-game SMAA barely. A pretty good SMAA injector that works really well. I been using it in BF3 with MSAA x2 in game. Post processing set to off (SMAA Injector does.

Sometimes downsampling isn't an option and the game might not even support anti-aliasing. Forcing AA from the drivers doesn't work for. 10 Oct - 3 min - Uploaded by Modinformer This video goes over a few Borderlands 2 tweaks i found, FXAA Injector which i found here. SMAA is a superior Anti-aliasing Technology. It offers near MSAA looks for Little performance loss.

Version released, featuring SMAA S2x and 4x. Checkout the new Andrej Dudenhefner released a SMAA 1x Injector! Kudos to Andrej. November 18, SMAA (Highly Recommended); ELE (Enhanced Lighting [for] .. It's also worth noting that SMAA injector can be used without ENB as a. injectSMAA is a small patch for Direct3D 9, 10 and 11 based games that adds SMAA support. SMAA is the acronym of Enhanced Subpixel. hello people as you can see i am very new here and i am very confused this game looks very bad even at and i dont have a powerful.

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