Xl2 projector download

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Xl2 projector

NTi Audio has launched a new generation of the very popular display projector for the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The Projector PRO software application connects via a USB port with the XL2 measuring device and visualizes its screen on a Windows or Mac computer. The XL2 Projector PRO. NTi Audio updates the XL2 Projector software to its second generation offering new design, easier remote control plus full file access to stored. The Projector PRO allows the XL2 screen to be viewed on a tablet or computer connected via USB. The optional “XL View” and the “Sound Level Predictor”.

NTi Releases XL2 Projector Mar 15, PMSchaan, Liechtenstein - Mar 15, - NTi Audio has updated the XL2 Projector software. XL2 Projector. XL2 Projector Software. The XL2 Projector displays the XL2 screen in real-time on your PC when connected by USB. The software toolbar en-. Sound Level Visualization with the XL2 Projector PRO. The visualization shows the new Projector PRO software, which connects to the XL2 via USB. It runs on.

NTi Audio released PC Projector software for its handheld XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer. “The XL2 Projector displays the instruments.

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