Depo provera after c section download

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Depo provera after c section

You should be refitted even if you delivered by cesarean section. side effect of Depo-Provera is that fertility may not return for up to a year after the injections. If you delivered your baby by cesarean section, we also recommend a 12 month Progesterone-only birth control pills; Depo-provera; Nexplanon; Mirena. I am thinking of the depo shot? C-Section Mamas! I was on it as a teen and it took me FIVE years to get a period back after stopping.

So my question is has anyone got pregnant right after they stop using the depo shot? And has anyone who has had c-sections been told to stop. Do NOT get the Depo shot. It affects supply and I'm 9 weeks pp after having a c section and still bleeding. Doc told me she has many women. Question. I am 22 years old and recently gave birth to a baby girl on 7/30/12 via c section. I received the depo vera birth control shot before leaving the hospital.

Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions: Dr. Sudler on soon depoprovera work after csection: Your last injection will be effective. Your doctor might not talk about birth control until your check-up after your cesarean. However, you can get pregnant if you fail to use birth. I had a c-section 2 weeks ago and I received a depo shot while in ths hospital. My bleeding has stopped but im not sure if the medication is in. Even though C-sections are common, they're still major surgical procedures. Your doctor cuts through several layers of skin and tissue and into.

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